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Looking for HeatProtection

December 17, 2009

I use my flatiron every single day (atleast when I show my face outside). Im running out of my heatprotectant and I need a new one. Im looking around at a couple of sites and trying to figure this djungle out. Theres alot to choose from and they are all different purpose. Heres the once Im considering:

This one of from eleven and its GHD which intreges me. I know that the GHD irons are like the queen of  irons so their products should be good as well, right? This one in perticular is for thick and uncontrollable hair. Thats me!!!

This one is 209 sek (£19, $28)

This one I have right now, and i like it. Its not creating fireworks and im kinda thinking about switching just to try something new. Anyway, this is a spray and it smells really good. Its also cheap which we like, right? Also from eleven.

This is 77 sek (£7,  $11)

This I found at Headzone and its from OSIS. I like the design of it and it says it can take heat upp to 200 °C. Nice.

This is 159 sek (£15,  $22)


help me please…

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