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Palettes, yes please!!!

January 20, 2010

I already own a 56 pc palette from Coastal Scents. I love it. It has 50 eyeshadows and 6 blushes. Its fun, I can play around with it alot and experiment. Now I have just seen that theres a swedish site that carries these palettes and Im extatic. IaMia’s has three different kinds and I really really want at least two of them, if not all three. The one I’m really craving is the 88 Warm Palette because it looks sooo gorgeous and I can see myself using it almost every single day. The other one is the 88 shimmer palette which is just ideal for a party night. Do you think I should go for it? For me its alot less expensive to order from a swedish site so I was super exited when I saw this.

So all my swedish readers, go to IaMia to get your own palette, instead of getting it from abroad.

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  1. January 20, 2010 11:43 am

    I got all the palettes from Coastal Scents and feel that they are def. worth the money…HOWEVER…I also have seen and even got to play around with they other 88 palettes out there –

    Such as the one here:

    and havnt really found a quality difference in them. Even ordering from Ebay is just as great – celia makeup for example and a many other various Hong Kong distributers have great quality, and lower price than the CScents ones…

    So yes, to answer your question – go for it, they are well worth the money…and IaMia seems to be a great website for us swedes!

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