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Reminder about Valentines Day

February 12, 2010

On Sunday its Valentines Day. The opinions about this day are many and vary a lot. Some think its the most romantic day of the year and others feel its only a commercial day, made for people to buy things. Want my opinion? Well here it is. I feel that it for sure is a commercial day and businesses and stores must make a lot of money on people trying to “prove” their love to one another. At the same time I feel that if thats what it takes for people to take one day out of the year to spend some special time with their loved ones, then maybe its worth it.

With me, and my boyfriend, we have decided to not buy anything for each other, but still promised to spend the day together. Because we show each other love EVERY day, we dont need a special day to use as an excuse to buy thing. But maybe we do need a day, without interruptions, without needs, to just spend together. Our Sunday will probably be us at home, in comfy clothes, watching movies and maybe going out for a walk. I will tell him I love him, unconditionally, no matter what day it is. And best of all I get to fall asleep next to him, knowing we will do it again in a year.

Don’t pressure yourself into doing expensive things, just because you think you have to. St Valentine would not want you to do anything else but celebrate love.

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