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Creative Blogger Award

February 24, 2010

Ohh how sweet it is to be me sometimes. I was soo exited to find an award sent my way for being a creative blogger. The lovely author behind the Swedish blog Skor och Mascara nominated me for the award and now its my turn to pay it forward. When the award has been accepted by the recipient the tag is to reveal 7 interesting things about ourself. I find this very amusing because people do the darnedest things and its always fun to read about. First of all THANKS. Second of all heres my list of 7 interesting things to know about me:

  1. I used to do baton twirling for about seven years. I competed in SM (Swedish Championship) and received a silver medal.
  2. When I lived in Canada for a few years I spoke fluently “Canadian”, with accents and all.
  3. I’m a neat freak who actually LOVES to clean and especially vacuum.
  4. I now have over 370 subscribers to my YouTube channel.
  5. I cant wait to have children one day, but it scares the creeps out of me thinking about getting the little miracle out of my body.
  6. The only thing I have ever gotten food poisoning from is sushi and interestingly enough to this day sushi is my all time favourite foods. I could eat it four times a day, everyday. Weird eh?
  7. I spend about three hours a day in front of my computer, mostly reading blogs and watching videos.

From my extensive research around the internet I have not founs very many blogs, who are worth this award who havn´t already gotten it. But I have found a few who I would like to pass it along to. First of all is PixiJasmine who makes videos for YouTube as well as blogs. She is a beautiful, funny, creative person and I read her blog a lot. Another blog who deserves a reward is Nagelbloggen for their amazing nails. Even of you dont understand swedish, go check it out to see the nails. AMAZING. Anyone else who would like to send this award along; go ahead.

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  1. February 24, 2010 5:59 pm

    WOW! I actually had to look up baton twirling to see what it was and watch a few youtube-videos. What an amazing sport! I´m deeply impressed!

  2. February 25, 2010 8:25 pm

    naw emma, du är helt underbar! min önska är att en dag att vi träffas så kan jag ge dej ett stort kram och prata med dej irl! 😉 tack för alla snälla ord, det finns inga ord som kan beskriva hur tacksam jag är att vi stötat på varandra på nätet 🙂

    ps – I completely agree that Nagelbloggen IS AWESOME with gorgeous nails and so many creative ideas, definitely a blog to follow!


  1. PixiJasmine » Blog Archive » And the Award Goes To…

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