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MaxFactor Second Skin Foundation

February 24, 2010

MaxFactors latest foundation SecondSkin cames as a sampel in a magazine I got the other day. I was pleasantly surprised by the shear genius to give me two different shades so that it would be more likely for me to try it out. I was sure that if none of shades suited me I could at least mix the two and get a somewhat appropriate shade. Well NO. When I opende the sample (started with the fairest one) it was about ten shades to  dark already. The darker shade was not only way to dark but way to yellow. Now I do realise that there is darker people than me in the world, but how about one of each? ANYWHO, I decided to try it out to get a feel for the texture and formula of the foundation and YES, i like it. I looked like an idiot trying to wear it. Although it was only going from my vanity table to the bathroom to wash it of, was far enough for me. But tomorrow after work I’m going downtown and I think I will try to find this in my shade and give it a proper chance.

The picture still doesn’t show how dark I really was, it was F U N N Y!

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