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Claudia-Eyeshadow Pencils

April 27, 2010

Claudia Cosmetics is a swedish company that sells make up and mail stuff for very affordable prices. The cynic in me was sure that this was too good to be true that makeup that costs barely nothing can be worth using. I have a good size makeup collection. I have all types of brands but I´ve been a student for 4 years so I have a huge love for drugstore items and affordable things THAT WORK. Its the best feeling ever, when something inexpensive work. 

On to the review of Claudias Eyeshadow Pencils. At first glance they reminded me a lot of NYX Jumbo pencils but there are a few differences, and I actually like these better. These are all very pigmented, everyone but the black is metallic, shimmering. They glide on amazingly, smooth and silky. They stay on all day, although on most day I have put eyeshadow over them and let them work as a base, which is great. As a base they make my eyeshadow vibrant and last all day. The pencils are all similar in quality which I really appreciate. I hate how the NYX milk is totally different from black bean. The pens come in a varaity of colours and they are only 39 sek (£4, $6)Lilac shimmer, Aqua Green, Silver Grey, Lime Green,

Just Black, Pink Daze, Soft Gold, Pearl White

I was sent these, but I’m making an order, not even kidding. This is a brand I need to investigate.


April 27, 2010

About the glasses…

April 26, 2010

Tomorrow Im going to the optician for my eye exam and I´ll be choosing which glasses to get. But it wont be any of these three. I just don’t feel 100 % about any of them so I will try some others and see what I like. Its important that I feel comfortable in them since I´ll be wearing them alot.

Isadora-Bronze Bliss

April 26, 2010

Isadora comes out with a new bronze collection every spring/summer I think. This year there isnt really all that much exiting news. I already own their bronzing powder (which is really good) and much of the other stuff as well. But what I would LOVE to get a hold of is their new quad-coral bronze. I´ve swatched it a couple of times in the stores and the coral colour especially looks AWSOME. Since Im trying not to spend to much money, in waiting for my first paycheck in end of July 😦 I might have to pass on this. But boy would I loooove to own this.

Appealing to you?


April 26, 2010

My brush collection

April 26, 2010

I own quit alot of brushes, although I would like to have more ;-D Anyways, this is what it looks like when I clean most of them. I try to deep clean (with baby shampoo) once a week. This is a little depending on how much I have used them over the last week. Sometimes its two weeks between but I try to atleast to semi regularly. When I dont deep clean I use a brush cleaner from Isadora after each use. This helps me from accidentally putting bright blue eyeshadow on by mistake. If you try to make a habit out of it, its not really a hassle when you have to do it.

Heres my collection:

My favorite brushes are from Nilens Jord and they are bought at Matas in Malmö. They are affordable, good quality and really nice to work with. If you ever have a chance to try these: DO IT. I have never tried their makeup but from their website some of it looks really interesting. 

80’s Makeup

April 26, 2010

Sorry for my lack of updates, feels like Im always saying that but oh well.

As I told you guys I did my friends makeup before a party she had to go to. It was 80’a themed and of course I had to try it out on myself first =)

And heres the result on my friend:

80’s makeup

April 24, 2010

Tomorrow morning Im doing my friends makeup for an 80’s themed party that she is going to. Im a little nervous (I usually dont do other peoples makeup that often). So for that reason Im going to practice on myself right now =)

I will return with the results.

Help me pick eyewear

April 23, 2010

Heres three different kinds of glasses that I have home to try out. I need to pick one pair to buy. Which one? Give me your honest opinion

The Body Shop- Vitamin E

April 21, 2010

I had a three for two offer from the The body shop so I decided to enlarge my E-vitamin series. Since before I had the night cream, and a Sink In Moisture Mask. So today i bought a cream cleanser, a toner and i day cream. I still have some left of my old cleanser and toner so I’m going to use that up first and then I’m all about the Vitamin E. I will get back to you with the results of my adventures.